You are the Solution

Maybe it’s taking longer for God to answer your question or bring a solution to something you prayed about because God uses people. 🤔

People who start out with a “God idea” and let circumstances question what they heard.

People who see opposition as meaning NO!

People who rely on the opinions and validations of others.

People who choose what “Guru” said over the original strategy that goes against the majority.

People who sometimes forget that they matter.

People who choose the easiest path or quickest path for NOW instead of thinking LEGACY!

People who pass up on people waiting for “supernatural” interventions.

I was PEOPLE……

God checked me.

He used people to help me see myself.

I examined myself.

I let the LIGHT expose my own LIES.

I let the LIGHT expose the world’s LIES.

I found community.

I prayed for Godly wisdom.

I sought out wise counsel.

I made faith moves.

I confessed.

I repented.

I cried.

I prayed for the right connections.

I released some bad teachings.

I’m still being refined.

I repeat ALL of the above often.

I realize that in LIFE and BUSINESS, I am the solution to someone’s problem.

You need to realize in LIFE and BUSINESS, YOU are the solution.

Don’t be the one who is holding up the answer to what needs to be released in the world.


Hello, My name is Tasha and I’m on a mission to help restore authenticity and creativity back into the body of believers in the marketplace. 

Committed to your growth in Godly wisdom.

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