Kingdom Entrepreneur, Satan is after the revelation that God called you to release.

It often sounds like this:

-God didn’t really say that.
-God didn’t really mean it when He said…
-You won’t make money doing that.
-People will think you’re crazy. 🤫
-You’re not qualified to do that.
-Follow this blueprint instead.

As soon as you give in to the trap of believing those lies, the fear, anxiety and resistance you were feeling let’s up.

You feel “better,” but all that happened was the enemy let up (for a season) because if you’re not releasing what God called you to, you are no longer a threat! 🤭

You cycle through this over and over again until you’re busy building something successfully that you weren’t even called to.

Why? Because it’s less pressure.

Know anyone like that? Is it you?

Time to break the cycle!

We’re doing it in community and I want to invite you to come along with us.

Find out more details in the video at the link below.

Hello, My name is Tasha and I’m on a mission to help restore authenticity and creativity back into the body of believers in the marketplace. 

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