Are you guilty of calling the turtle slow? 🐢

I was dropping my kids off to school the other day, when I remembered one occasion where I saw a turtle crossing the road. I was immediately drawn to it because that was the second time in the same week where I saw a turtle along the side of the road. I am growing to learn that when I see things come up in repetition, that it may be God speaking to me about it. My initial thought of the turtle is that once I make it to drop the kids off and come back, it should still be in the same spot so I will be careful to go around it.

Dropped the kids off and started back down the road and guess what, no turtle. I was impressed that the turtle made it across the road so quickly, or did it? Fast forward to this week when the memory came back up. This time it was way more to the story because I questioned why I was thinking about this again. God, are you trying to show me something I missed about the turtles the last time? Then this question came to mind, is a turtle really slow?

I know you may just be getting to know me, but trust me I am going somewhere with this story. Also, what you may not know about me is that I am a researcher. God sometimes shows me just a piece of a thing because He knows His daughter is going to search it out. So, guess what I did? I looked into the nature of turtles and let me share what I found to be interesting.

🐢 A turtle is slow because it does NOT have to chase its money. I mean food.
🐢 They don’t have to run from predators because of their armor, I mean shell.
🐢 They move “slow” due to their metabolism.
🐢 If they move faster than they are designed to move, they could injure themselves.
🐢 Turtles can live for more than 3 centuries.

The turtle is designed to move at the pace that it moves. It is only “slow” when compared to something that is designed to move faster.

I want to share my full revelation of this, but I want you to participate first. I would love for you to sit and see how God is speaking to you about how this fits in your life and business. If God gives you a revelation, would you share it with me? I promise to share mine as well.

Are you guilty of calling the turtle slow?

Committed to helping you grow in Godly wisdom,

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