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I help Kingdom Entrepreneurs operate in originality and creativity while growing in greater levels of grace and wisdom in life and business. Knowing the grace you carry helps you to carry out your assignments with boldness.  I’m a wife of 13 years and a homeschooling mom of three kiddos, I simply operate in whatever authority the Father releases to me, something that looks different in each season of my life.

In this season, I’m CEO of Tech with Tasha, a branding and digital marketing agency where I get to lead a team of spirit-led creatives and help you shine according to Matthew 5:16.

As a Grace empowered Mentor and Business Strategist, I provide mentoring and strategy for those who know that God’s grace & wisdom is best but need support identifying it. God has given me the wisdom to help in the restoration of His original design and plan for those He called to business. We progressive grow in understanding our identity and the unique pattern needed to build or steward what God has given us.

My husband Kenny and I facilitate a group experience called Brand with Grace that helps Kingdom entrepreneurs reengage with Holy Spirit through journaling, prayer and worship to understand their God-given mandate and grow progressively in their identity.

My own mandate is to help restore authenticity and creativity back into the body of believers.

All in all, I am blessed to be chosen by God and surrounded by the people I get to do life and business with.

It’s a Romans 12:2 mandate for an Ephesians 2:10 promise!

Are you ready to commit to growing in grace and wisdom in the areas God has called you to steward?

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