I would have never imagined that God would call me to serve in this field of business. Over the past few years, while working with several people on branding and digital marketing projects, a burden was birthed in my spirit. The more I worked with individuals who were not only building a new business but adding new services or switching directions altogether, I began to see a pattern.
The pattern emerged around the language that my clients or potential clients were using to articulate what they thought they needed to have. I was hearing the same phrases repeatedly from different business owners from different parts of the world. How are so many people saying the same things? I noticed that people were creating new services, businesses, and programs that they were not really passionate about or had original strategies for.
I had so many questions. How can I with good conscience take on a project that will probably not last? Do I tell this person that they should get more clarity before moving forward? That does NOT make good business sense on my part. Am I too involved emotionally in the work that I’m doing? Why can’t I just take the project, create it, hand it off and keep going?

But, I couldn’t do that. So, I sat with God about it and it quickly became clear that my company was going to be different. I was to make sure my clients were building on a firm foundation before we proceeded to create logos or build websites for them.

So, you would think that all was well since I now understood how I was supposed to proceed, right? Nope! Instead, I spent several months meeting with people on introductory calls with the idea that I would work with those who had a firm foundation established. I was turning down work and sending people away to “get more clarity.” I was saving them money and I was not making any.

After a few months of this, I went back to the Lord again. This led me to schedule a phone call with a mentor and friend. By the end of that call, I realized that I missed something crucial in my interpretation of “building on a firm foundation.” I was to help bring clarity to those I was turning away.


Here I was, wrestling with a passion that God was calling me to release. He called me to lead as a visionary and bring solutions as a strategist. God had given me the message and the tools to help Kingdom entrepreneurs create a firm foundation based on four key areas of a brand. 

I’m always amazed at how God works. Once I understood what I was to start doing, I received two invitations in the same month to speak on brand strategy and identity. I immediately said yes, with the hopes that I would have time to figure out what to teach.

I, of course, put the task up before the Lord and it did not take Him long to speak back to me about it. Click the website link below and let me introduce you to what was birthed.

Brand with Grace The Experience.


Hello, My name is Tasha and I’m on a mission to help restore authenticity and creativity back into the body of believers in the marketplace. 

Committed to your growth in Godly wisdom.

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