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This superabundant grace is already powerfully working in us, releasing all forms of wisdom and practical understanding.  Ephesians 1:8

One mandate
MANY messages 
ManY methods

What if instead of being called to a Niche, You were actually called to a nATION?

I’m Tasha Glover.
I’m a Grace empowered Mentor and Business Strategist helping multi-passionate Kingdom Builders like you boldy execute the many expressions of your identity with God’s leading.

God asked me a question.

“Can you build for what’s to come?”

My answer was a resounding YES because who tells God no, right? I didn’t know what that meant fully, but I knew it meant trusting that God’s plans for me are bigger than I could imagine. At this time in my entrepreneurial journey, I was starting Tech with Tasha and the Lord was preparing me for a series of lessons that would lead me to the truth I am about to share with you. Over time, as I sat with this truth, it reminded me of others Kingdom Builders who have a call to build ahead for what was coming like Noah.

People who are called to build ahead of the demand are often described as visionaries, pioneers or trailblazers. These are my people because I get the frustration that comes with trying to navigate your sphere of influence with man made tactics, worldly wisdom and  and misguided strategies. 

The mass information out there just doesn’t apply to us. The pattern to build with God must come from His revelation and wisdom.  This is what I walk alongside you to uncover. 



God wants to reveal your destiny through revelation. Let’s work together to discover your unique pattern for getting there.

“The Holy Spirit wisdom that Tasha Glover carries is almost beyond words. And, one of the reasons that I am able to show up in the anointing and authority God has given me for the marketplace is because of her obedience to show up in the anointing and authority that she has been given by God.”

Dr. Eboni L Truss

Founder: The Unbecoming Movement

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