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This superabundant grace is already powerfully working in us, releasing all forms of wisdom and practical understanding.  Ephesians 1:8

One mandate
MANY messages 
ManY methods

What if instead of being called to a Niche, You were actually called to a nATION?

I’m Tasha Glover.
I’m a Grace empowered Mentor and Business Strategist helping Kingdom Builders uncover their true identity so they can work their work with God’s grace.

Part of my assignment is to help you progressively uncover your true identity and check your divine alignment so you can live out God’s original plan for your life and business. Helping you intentionally build with Holy Spirit-inspired ideas, messages, concepts, and solutions.
Here’s what I believe.
* You can know how God identifies you and His heart for why you are here. (Mandate)
* You can know the messages that God wants you to be the voice for. (Messages)
* You can know the best way(s) to steward your message(s). (Methods)




God wants to reveal your destiny through revelation. Let’s work together to discover your unique pattern for getting there.

“The Holy Spirit wisdom that Tasha Glover carries is almost beyond words. And, one of the reasons that I am able to show up in the anointing and authority God has given me for the marketplace is because of her obedience to show up in the anointing and authority that she has been given by God.”

Dr. Eboni L Truss

Founder: The Unbecoming Movement

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